• Participation in preparation and drafting of technical regulations, norms and standards on the railways;
  • Issuance of licenses for the management of railway infrastructure (railway industry);
  • Issuance of licenses for transport;
  • Issuance of certificates of safety for railway infrastructure management;
  • Issuance of certificates of safety for transport;
  • Decision-making on complaints concerning conclusion of the Contract for the  use of railway infrastructure;
  • Decision-making on appeals of candidates who believe that are the subject of unfair treatment, discrimination, or that are otherwise damaged, and in particular the appeal to the laws passed by the control of infrastructure;
  • Issuance of permits for use of the newly built railway vehicles, new types of devices, parts and equipment railway vehicles, and new types of equipment, parts and equipment for railway infrastructure;
  • Approval of technical documentation for construction, reconstruction and modernization of railway infrastructure;
  • Making the plans for development, construction, reconstruction, modernization, maintenance and protection of the railways of Montenegro;
  • Performs tasks related to the development, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of railways of Montenegro;
  • Control of using the state subsidies to cover the cost of public service obligations (PSO);
  • Monitoring of development  railway infrastructure  and rolling stocks in the  others countries  and proposing  the measures  of modernization in order to increase level of interoperability;
  • Generates and develops an international cooperation in field of railway traffic;
  • It is proposed harmonization of laws and by-lows with the EU directives and regulations in order to harmonize national legislation with EU;
  • Preparation of the tender notice and conducting the cession procedure for the preparation of technical documentation and construction of railway infrastructure;
  •  Monitors and controls the spending of funds that subsidized infrastructure manager and transporters;
  • Issues consent to join and intersect public roads with the railroad, setting up infrastructure facilities (piping, plumbing, drainage, electric, telephone and telegraph lines, etc..) on the railway protection zone;
  • Issues approval for construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection industrial railway;
  • Conclusions of contracts with transporters that perform carriage of public interest;
  • Performs specific duties of notification;
  • Realizes an international cooperation with international organizations in which represents a State, the European Railway Agency and other government bodies responsible for safety and interoperability in the railway transport and regulation of the rail market.
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