Investment activities in the infrastructure


Railway infrastructure (ZICG) is a beneficiary of credit funds from international financial institutions as well as of pre-accession assistance (IPA) for the reconstruction and modernization of railways in Montenegro.

For credit funds from EIB, EBRD and CEB was guaranteed by the State.

For pre-accession funds (IPA), Railway Infrastructure, besides direct supervision, as in the aforementioned loans, provides from its own resources an indepenedent oversight that controls the purposeful spending of appropriated funds.


The realization of projects financed from the loan funds total contracted value of 113,429,853.23 euro started, according to individual contracts, in 2006 and until 31.12.2014., 84.56% of loan funds (95.9 million euros) has been utilized.  From the above mentioned  credit funds following works were completed:

-        Repair and electrification of the railway Niksic – Podgorica

-       Overhaul of the superstructure of the section state border with Serbia - Bijelo Polje - Krusevo- Mijatovo Kolo and section Trebaljevo – Kolasin

-       Electrification of VI and VII tracks at the station Bijelo Polje

-       Rehabilitation of tunnels no. 171, 173, 175, 182 and 185

-       Rehabilitation of three landslides on the section Virpazar – Bar

-       Rehabilitation of six slopes with development of three galleries on section Lutovo- Bratonozici.

The rest of 15,44℅ unrealized funds in the amount of 17.5 milion euros will be used by the end of the period of availability of funds, according to the contracts signed with international banks for:

-       Repair of tracks on the section Kolasin – Kos

-       Rehabilitation of three tunnels on the section Kos – Trebešica

-       Preparation of technical documentation at the level of major projects for 15 steel bridges

-       Rehabilitation of steel bridge Trebaljevo

-       Contracting and rehabilitation works for four steel bridgee (Ljubovidja, Malo Trebaljevo, Skrbuša and Tanki rt)

-       Contracting and construction works on the installation of a heater switch in Niksic and Ostrog

-       Contracting and execution of works on the preparation of technical documentation and construction works of rehabilitation of slopes on the line Niksic - Podgorica.



Besides the above mentioned credit funds from EIB, EBRD and CEB,  Railway infrastructure is a beneficiary of pre-accession assistance (IPA).

From IPA 07, 09 and 10  - 11,7 million euros of funds has been used between 2008 and 2014 for:

-       Preparation of project documentation, which included projects of overhaul of rail and the transient station tracks from Kolasin to Bar, rehabilitation of four tunnels (no. 190, 193, 205 and 207), GSM - R on the line Vrbnica - Bar, replacement of existing power supply substations for signaling and telecommunications, safety-signaling regulation of crossing Susanj, development of information systems for passengers in six stations

-       Overhaul of the superstructure of the line Trebaljevo – Kolasin

-       Overhaul of the superstrucure Mijatovo Kolo - Mojkovac with the repair of the third track in Mijatovo Kolo and construction of a new fifth track in Mojkovac

-       Overhaul of the supercstructure of station tracks in Trebešica

-       Preparation of project documentation for the rehabilitation of 12  slopes on the line Kos – Bratonozici and

-       Preparation of project documentation for the modernization and installation of new EVP Trebešica.

In the following period is expected realization of the approved funds from:

-       IPA III for regional development for the period 2012 - 2016 for the development of projects of rehabilitation and repair works of 12 slopes on the section Kos - Podgorica and the purchase and installation of new electric plants in Trebešica (7.7 million euros of IPA funds are allocated for this, while 600 000 euros is financed from the national program)

-        Investment fund for the Western Balkans (WBIF) approved funds in the amount of 1 million euros for the preparation of technical documentation, audits and preparation of tenders for the works on the installation of electronic substation in Podgorica and rehabilitation of 91 concrete bridges.  EU delegation has selected contractors for preparation of tehnical documentation. Documentation an preparation of tenders for the installation of electronic substation in Podgorica should be delivered by the end of May 2015 and the technical documentation on the condition of bridges by the end of September 2015.

Also, for the IPA programming period 2014-2020, Railway infrstructure has applied for execution of works on the  repair of supersctructure on the line section Kos - Podgorica. European Commission has accepted a proposal for the financing of works on repair of the superstructure on the line Kos – Podgorica, as well as works on the adaptation of the border stations Bijelo Polje and Tuzi. Funds intended for this period amount 26.215.000 euros, and from the state budget shoudb be provided 2,621,500 euros for the implementation.

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