Maintenance, Investment and Development

Railway Directorate in description of its works performs:

  • activities of professional and technical control through the monitoring of derived works on the railway infrastructure in order to incresing level of national safety railway traffic and efficiensy  of invested funds according approved annual plans of current maintenance railway traks which are financed from the funds of the budget and approved funds from international financial institutions.
  • appruval for technical documentation which are relating  for maintenance, construction, modernization of railway infrastructure
  • preparation of call to tender for performing the works on rehabilitation and reconstruction railway infrastructure
  • conclusion of the contracts for drafting of technical documentation and contract for rehabilitation and reconstruction of railway infrastructure
  • receipt and givs in the completed works
  • participation in preparation and drafting of the techical regulations, norms,standards, laws and by-laws in the fild of maintenace, investment and development of railway infrastructure
  • elaboration previous studies and  feasibility studies for construction and reconstruction railway infrastructura
  • participation in drafting of the development strategy of raiway traffic
  • participation in the provision of international credits and supervise their implementation
  • giving opinions on the plans and programs for maintaining the railway infrastructure
  • monitoring the development of technical and technological system of railways in other countries and to propose measures in order to harmonize, increase levels of interoperability and modernization.
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