The obligation of public transport

PSO  -  The obligation of public transport  is a new model for the subsidized operators in passenger traffic on railways. This is a special transportation arrangement, in which the governmental body  or administrative  body has the special tender (auction) procedure subsidies to operators in passenger traffic. Subsidies are granted for certain public transport services and for a certain period, when there are good reasons. PSO is approved operators when they can not cover the costs of certain routes, and where there is public (general community) interest in the transportation of passengers. In the European Union procedures for the approval of the PSO arrangements are determined by regulation number 1008/2008.  Regulation clearly defines the formal tender  process for the allocationo funds from public transport obligations (PSO). In Montenegro,  in 2009. has been realized complete separation of transport on passenger and cargo.  Since then, the operator of passengers carried by rail gets a subsidy from the state budget.  These funds will be from 2012. launch and control the Railway Directorate.

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