Regulation, Safety and Cooperation

Railway Directorate actively participates in international organizations and agencies involved in rail transportation system, both in institutional terms and in direct execution of railway transport. These organizations are recognized and appreciated at the regional level in the European Union.

ERA - European Railway Agency was established in 2005. Pursuant to Regulation 881/2004, in order to provide EU Member States and EC technical assistance in the field of security and interoperability of the railway. This includes the development and implementation of technical specifications for interoperability and a common approach to issues related to safety on the railways. The main task of the Agency is to manage the preparation of these measures. From 2010. The ERA is a user and IPA funds which are intended for countries that are in pre-positions for the EU. Through these projects from IPA funds ERA provides various forms of technical assistance to the Western Balkans. It is based in Valenciennes (France). The experts of the Railway Directorate implemented technical cooperation with colleagues from the ERA through seminars, international working groups, workshops, study visits etc.

OTIF - is an intergovernmental organization for international transport by rail, founded in 1985. on the basis of the Convention COTIF in 1980. year. The task of this organization is to develop a unified international laws (rules) relating to the carriage of passengers and goods by rail. 46 states have joined in the OTIF, Montenegro is a member of the first July, 2010. year. OTIF Headquarters in Berne (Switzerland). Railway Directorate participate in the work of technical committees OTIF, on which discuss and propose amendments to regulations on the railways, in order to achieve a greater degree of uniform traffic rules in the technical and commercial operations on the railways.

SEETO - is a regional transportation organization for the states of Southeast Europe, created on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the Core Regional Transport Network (MoU), signed on 11th June 2004. years by the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the UN mission in Kosovo and the European Commission. The aim SEETO organization is to promote cooperation in the development of the Network of South East Europe and to promote and enhance local capacity to implement investment projects in transport. SEETO also collects data for all modes of transport, provides technical analysis and presentation of relevant regional data. Since the establishment of the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, and from 2010. The Railway Directorate, and participate in working groups SEETO, where he led the European Commission discussed the developments of the railway transport market at all required levels (infrastructure managers, operators, Railway Directorate, Body for Regulatory Affairs, for the safety of the body on the railways, bodies investigation of accidents, authorities for notification, etc.).

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